Fabric Building Industry

Fabric Building Industry - storage for the most varied types of products products

The fabric building industry is an alternative logistic and storage for the most varied types of products and raw materials.  The fabric building industry has in aluminum and galvanized steel.

The roof covering is structured store in synthetic membrane reinforced high strength and durability that blocks ultraviolet and infrared radiation and Fireproof. On the side (walls), the fabric building industry uses the transparent membrane that allows the passage of natural light and heat ensures a comfortable feeling inside.
The fabric building industry is modulated, it can be expanded in a quick and simplified manner. The fabric building industry has widths of 10m, 15m, 20m, 30m and 40m.
The fabric building industry is intended for permanent or temporary storage (which causes the client to lease only for the desired time) or, but is also used for production lines, enabling the work of workers inside. The access to the fabric building industry is throught two sheets of aluminum fixed sliding door on the upper rails. This type of fabric building industry has advantages for dispensing special projects, it will be easy attachment to all types of terrain and its structure it is removable and standardized.