Clear Span Structure 

Clear Span Structure - Solution for temporary or permanent storage.
Leasing a clear span structure is one of the smartest ways to solve problems for storage materials own ways. This clear span structure can be rented only for the months needed to solve an unexpected situation of high inventory, but can also be rented out for a longer time.
In addition, by opting for a clear span structure, the customer eliminates the cost of a building, which can lie dormants for years.
The clear span structure is PVC coated canvas with a high resistance and durability, providing customers with maximum safety.
The clear span structure is widely used in industries storage products, plants of various industries, among others. The clear span structure is quick and lets to expansion property shed. With free space, the clear span structure have widths of: 10m, 15m, 20m, 30m and 40m.
This clear span structure is the best alternative for the storage of products, caused by the rapid growth of production lines.