About Pistelli Pelz

Pistelli Pelz has been operating for over 30 years dealing with fabric covers, air-supported structure rental, engineering, storage, logistic, temporary warehouses and leasing of air domes, working with sales and leasing of pneumatic structures, fabric structures, tents, frame supported fabric buildings and tensile structures. It began its operations in São Paulo, where its administrative offices are located, in addition to two factories in Brazil – one in the city of Ibaté (250 km from the city of São Paulo and 14 km from the city of São Carlos), and another in Jequie, Bahia (205 km from Ilhéus) – where air domes structures, seasonal domes, temporary structure domes, frame structures, air bubles and tensile structures are manufactured. Targeting new markets, Pistelli Pelz has been present with a factory since 1996 in the city of Constância, in central Portugal, and now has offices in Lima, Peru, and Representation in Santiago de Chile, also operating with leasing air domes, rental of seasonal domes for grains, sugar and fertilizers or membrane structures, inflatable structure, balloon domes and storage domes. Highlighting its product line is the air-supported fabric structure domes for industries, pneumatic structure, construction and manufacturing domes and inflatable domes.